Sleeping On The Edge

This blog is pretty personal, so if you’re a reader or a friend, you probably remember the weightiness of my last post; this recent season has been mostly dark. But, like a soft light peeking through half-opened blinds grows stronger with the day, there has also been a kind and constant hope making itself more … More Sleeping On The Edge

Girl On Fire

I want to write, to articulate what’s happening within the walls of my mind, in my heart. But instead I type, and erase. Type, erase. Type, shut my computer. It’s hard to put words to the racing in my mind. But it’s something like powerlessness. It’s doses of manic. It’s the past, the future, and … More Girl On Fire

Mother’s Day

  I have not yet become a mother, but I am confident that if someday the Lord chooses to bless me with a child I’ll be ready. Not because I can boast of my patience, or my loving nature. Nor because of my selflessness, or my incredible instincts. But because of the woman the Lord chose to … More Mother’s Day

this sweet romance

Reflection is such a sweet thing, and it’s a joy to re-gain perspective after life tends to get ahead of you. In catching up, I’ve reveled on this: I have been given quite a gift. That’s exactly what this life is, a gift. This past year I took some time away from school to work, … More this sweet romance