Vulnerability //

This word. Six syllables of severe internal conflict. You probably cringed a little in your seat when you read it and seriously considered just scrolling Instagram instead. Being vulnerable certainly isn’t our default. It’s a scary thought to open up the deepest parts of ourselves and trust someone to handle it with the utmost tenderness it requires. A lot of times we are fragile beings and it seems a much better idea to lock ourselves away in our own personal curio cabinets than to let people in. Looking all fine from the outside, pretty and put together like the heirloom family china. Our curio cabinets are safe. Safe behind our made up busyness and well rehearsed “I’m fine’s.”  Trust me, I am the anti-vulnerability queen and that phrase, “I’m fine,” could probably roll off my tongue in any language with all too much ease. But let me tell you, the moment you decide to give someone the key to your cabinet, to give them full clearance into the Authorized Personnel Only zones, you’ll quickly see that it’s so incredibly freeing. To be fully known for what we keep underneath our perfectly prepped outside gives you freedom to be human. H-U-M-A-N. Christina Perri says it well, “Im only human, and I bleed when I fall down. I’m only human, and I crash and I break down. I’m only human.” We aren’t meant to do this alone. Life is all kinds of messy and until you let someone else know about the skeletons in your closet, well, they’re just gonna sit there. To let someone in on the deepest parts of us and not see them go running for the hills, baby that’s the dream here. Because when we can’t love ourselves, we need someone to tell us that we’re worth it. That our feelings are real, and our struggles are valid. To remind us that perfection isn’t attainable or expected. If we keep rambling on with all those “I’m fine’s” and don’t let ourselves be known, we are depriving ourselves of so much joy, rest, and freedom. So go on, let it all out. Cry and snot and put all your cards on the table. Toss all those ideas that vulnerability is weakness out the window and embrace it.


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