Hope For The Dream Killer

It is my natural tendency to try and kill my dreams.

In effort to try and hurry up and have all my crap together, and trick the world into thinking I’ve got it all figured out (only kidding myself of course), I busy myself to the point of giving no attention to anything my soul craves. I’m usually the last person to realize that I’m doing this, and then my closest and dearest friends who know me just nod their heads in that “I know, FINALLY YOU GET IT” sort of way when I finally come to realize it myself. This happens a lot more often than I’d like to admit, and those friends are a lot more gracious than I made them sound just now.

I don’t think I’m the only person out there fighting the gory fight to keep heart dreams alive. In fact, I think a whole lot of people find themselves in that place. The world we live in is often fast, and hard, and demanding, but that doesn’t mean that our dreams have to get pushed to the side. It doesn’t mean that there is no time left to let our passions be met with purpose, and for beauty to grow from that.

My dream is to see my city changed because her people have chosen to be all in to create a culture of ingenuity and compassion. Because they refuse to let go of hope, and because they see the gifts and talents that every individual has to offer. My dream is for people to know their neighbors, to love them.

These are the things my soul craves, along with mid-week family dinners with friends, adventuring to new lands, and life-giving conversations that spur me toward pursuing my heart dreams, and the loving Creator who placed them there. I am grateful for the hope that has been given me, and there is hope for every other dream killer out there, too. Let’s not ignore the desires of our hearts, but rather take time to understand why they are there, and the bigger picture that can be painted when we decide to go after them with passion and purpose.


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